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Mango flavored energy bars

It is mind boggling to see the sheer variety of energy bars on display at the grocery stores these days. I don’t think there were nearly as many to pick from even a couple of years ago – and now half an aisle has to be dedicated to it!

With the Colorado mountains all around us, we have been on quite a few hikes recently and the easiest thing to carry with you when you need that little pick me up is, of course, an energy bar. The Professor also goes on long bike rides frequently and munching on energy bars when he stops for a breather is absolutely essential for him. Helo has also developed a taste for these bars – after all, he gets tired on the hikes too!

So, as you can see, my family needs to be stocked up on energy bars at all times. The Professor and I have tried a lot of  different brands of these energy bars and they are all delicious – but gosh are they expensive!  Things start getting ridiculous when some of them start adding up to be over a dollar per bite! Now, that is plain crazy, if you ask me.

Thankfully blogs like this one have made it so very simple to replicate some of these energy bars at home! I have followed Camilla’s recipes before and the energy bars have always turned out to be great! These mango bars are also based off her recipe and turned out to be absolutely divine! The Professor and I both adore mangoes and since Lara bar doesn’t have a mango flavor, it made all the reason to whip some up at home!

The recipe is ridiculously simple, it doesn’t require any cooking and is completed in no time at all.

You want to see how easy it is?

Here we go!

This is the mango, date and almond mixture all processed up. This is the texture you want, so don’t make it too dry or too wet!

Take about a golf ball sized glob and plonk it down on a piece of plastic wrap.

Glob of goop
Glob of goop

Sorry about the puppy hair, again. (Oh, you didn’t spot it?)

I swear Helo’s hair occupies every nook and cranny in this house. If I crack open a fresh egg from the fridge, I won’t be surprised to see Helo’s hair floating inside. The situation is completely out of control. Help!

Sorry, I got side tracked.

Once you have the glob of goop on the plastic wrap, smoosh it down to whatever shape you want. That sounded highly technical.

Smoosh it down
Smoosh it down

Now wrap it up!

Start wrapping
Start wrapping

Once you are done wrapping them up, stack them up in a pretty manner and gloat! You just made  some incredibly tasty and healthy energy bars, that you won’t find in the store and which cost less than a dollar per bar.

Hmmm …, pretty sweet deal, wouldn’t you say? :)

Mango lara bars
Mango Lara bars


Here is the recipe. Go make yourself some.


Mango flavored energy bars

Yields 16 bars


2 cups chopped dried mango

2 cups chopped dates

3 cups sliced almonds

juice of 1 lemon

Water, as needed


1) Dump the chopped mango and dates in a food processor along with the juice of a lemon. Pulse it so that it resembles a coarse paste. You will need to scrape down the sides of the food processor often and will probably need to add a couple of tablespoons of water, as the mixture is going to be extremely sticky. Be careful that you add the water a tablespoon at a  time, as you don’t want it to be too wet.

2) Remove the mango and date mixture from the food processor and add the sliced almonds in. Pulse it until it becomes a coarse paste.

3) Mix the almond paste with the fruit mixture until they are thoroughly combined.

4) Form these into whatever shape you want and store them covered up in plastic wraps. We made them in the traditional bar shape, but you can do whatever you want!


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